News Letter



Marching Ahead:
A professional research based intervention plan for the village of Kanyakumari for five years starting with 2006. The major sectors focused were: Education, Occupation, Public Health, Community Development, and Tourism. The study was undertaken with people participation from cross sections including all religious people, panchayath representatives, government officials and the priests. Core committee and sub committees were formed and they evolved action plans for each sector. The consolidated report was published in English and Tamil. Tamil Copies were distributed for each household.


Ithaya Osait:
A monthly publication of the parish targeting the parishners. It was first published in the year ----and continued. Each issues contains the message from the parish priest cum chief editor, developments within the parish, important announcements, information related to the schools and other institutions of the parish. It also has articles motivating and guiding development of the people, youth and children. It was very much appreciated by the people and regularly read by them.


Pon Vila Malar:
The magazine was published in commemoration of the 106th year of the establishment of the Church of Ransom and the 50th year of the erection of Golden Cross of the church. The publication contains the history of the church, the history of the Golden Cross, the occupation of life of the people of Kanyakumari, the parish administration, the religious congregations of the parish, the schools and other institutions of the parish. The malar was enriched by the messages from eminent personalities like the Holy Father, the Bishop of Kottar, the President of India, the District collector of Kanyakumari and almost all religious hierarchies in India and people in administration. It a good resource on the parish of Kanyakumari to be preserved and reviewed.


Arul Alaiyinilai:
Considering the difficulties of small business people and vendors particularly women fish vendors, the parish council took the decision to establish a market in the name of church. Accordingly, the market was inaugurated by on 15th January 2004. Since that day the market is functioning from 8 am to 2 pm to sell the fishes and vegetables. Other shops are functioning depending on the need and convenience of the people. Totally 20 shops are there including TV and cell repairing shops, tailoring and stationery shops.