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   Religious Congregations   &   Pious Associations and Movements
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Religious Congregations
               To support and strengthen the church in its various ministries, the following religious congregations are functioning in the parish of Kanyakumari. They render a variety of services such as relief, rehabilitation, development activities, educational support, community organization and access to income generation. Their presence and practices really support the laity to come up in their socio, economic and religious life.

                  1.   Bon secures
                  2.   Missionaries of Charity
                  3.   Charity of St. Anne
                  4.   Camelite of St. Trasian Congregation
                  5.   Cleriticns

Pious Associations and Movements
The pious associations and movements are promoted by the laity themselves under the guidance of the parish priests. Currently the following are functioning in the parish of Kanyakumari.

                  1.   Carmal Sabai
                  2.   Catholica Sevi Sangam
                  3.   Children’s Movement
                  4.   Evening Tuition
                  5.   Franciscon Moontam Sabai
                  6.   Grama Pengal Munnatta Sabai
                  7.   Kadal Kathir Movement
                  8.   Kadalora Amaithu Kuzhu
                  9.   Kaigal Mathar Thannambikkai Iyyakkam
                  11. Kanavai Viyabarigal Sangam
                  12. Kattumara Meenavar Sangam
                  13. Kiristhava Vazhvu Samoogam
                  14. Kolpink Movement
                  15. Kudumba Nala Kuzhu
                  16. Legion of Blue Mary
                  17. Legion of Mary
                  18. Maraikallvi Mantam
                  19. Narcheithi Pani Kuzhu
                  20. Olisudar Young Women’s Movement
                  21. Sagothara Vazhvu Iyyakam
                  22. Siru Meen Viyabarigal Sangam
                  23. Thalai Sumadu Siruthozhil Iyyakam
                  24. Thiru Iruthaya Sabai
                  25. Vagai Car Otunar Sangam
                  26. Vallam Meenavar Sangam
                  27. Vallvalai Visai Padagu Sangam
                  28. Vincent de Paul Society
                  29. Visai Padagu Meenavar Sangam
                  30. Young Christian Students Movement






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