Our Church


Our Lady

Ransom Matha

Our Bishop

Most.Rev.Nazrane Susai

Our Parish Priest

Rev.Fr.G.Joseph Romald

Our lady of Ransom Church

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  •               The Kanyakumari Parish almost coincides with the civil village of Kanyakumari. Archeological evidences suggest that St. Thomas, a disciple of Jesus Christ visited this soil. In 1542 St. Francis Xavier came here. In 1862, Kanyakumari became a separate parish. In 1914 the church was constructed. The length of the Church is 153 feet, breath 53 feet and height is 153 feet. All these depict the breads of the Holy Rosary. The parish has nearly 13,000 people organized into 86 Basic Christian Communities.

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Upcoming Events

  • 1. Nov 25 - 28     53 hours Rosary

  • 2. December 10 - 19     Feast of Our Lady of Ransom

  • 3. December 24     Mid Night Christmas Mass will be celebrated

  • 4.December 31    Night adoration and Mid Night Thanks giving Mass will be     celebrated